Thursday, January 25, 2018

Barehand V Gloves For Gym Workout

If you're like millions of dedicated New Year's eve revelers, you may have made a commitment to focus more on your exercise, fitness and overall health.  We are almost one month into 2018 and it is time to evaluate and review what you are doing in the gym.  Which is better barehand v gloves for your gym workout?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Best Gym Gloves 2017 - Fitness Gift Ideas

Shopping for someone who likes to do Crossfit WOD or weightlifting isn't always the easiest thing. There are thousands of exercises someone can do in the gym and probably just as many choices when it comes to Crossfit or fitness gear. So what are the Best Gym Gloves 2017 that would make for a perfect fitness gift idea? We have some reviews and even a video demo for you to watch!

Best Gym Gloves 2017

GymPaws® are the Original Leather Weightlifting Grips.  They've been copied by many, but mastered by one.  GymPaws Inc is the only distributor of our grip pads and any other products are an impostor. When it comes to Crossfit Gloves or Weight training grips there really isn't any question of what to buy.

We are the ONLY product that used 100% genuine leather.  Most are made from weird synthetic materials or even worse, rubbery grips that are no different that the mousepad on your desk.

When it comes to fitness gift ideas you can't go wrong with a pair of what calls "the best gym gloves 2017" because they're unisex for both men and women.  In addition, the four finger loops keep them in place even through the toughest of workouts.  You can view our entire exercise and fitness catalog here on Amazon  or shop our website and use your Amazon account at checkout or Paypal or any major credit card.

At GymPaws we're not just weightlifting and Crossfit fanatics, we're Certified Personal Trainers too. We know that you need gym gear that works as hard as you do in the gym!  We stand behind our products 100% no questions asked!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best Barehand Weightlifting Gloves

Why go barehand when you're working out in the gym or hitting a Crossfit WOD for the hundreth time this year?  Wearing hand protection increases your confidence and protects you from friction and pressure causing calluses. Voted the best mens weight lifting gloves from 2013 through 2016 there really is no comparison when it comes to the exercise and fitness gear that you stock your gym bag with!

Don't Go Barehand Gloves Are A Good Thing

GymPaws Original Leather Weightlifting Grips help you perform just about ANY exercise better.  When you use them consistently with your weight training program, suddenly things like Pull Ups, Back and Biceps, Bodyweight and yes even Crossfit workouts become more efficient!
Check out all of the GymPaws Gym Gloves Products here:

Swole and Flexy Crossfit Gloves

GymPaws Weight lifting grips are a favorite among Crossfit enthusiasts because they are made from genuine cowhide leather and because they have four finger loops. Most Crossfit Gloves are made from synthetic materials like micro-fiber and spongy rubber like materials. If you're ever done a Crossfit WOD then you know it's nothing to joke about. When you're doing bodyweight exercises like Knees To Elbows or tossing around heavy weights doing Cleans, Snatches, and Presses, you don't want a crossfit glove that's going to fall off your hands or even worse, fall apart!

 What Does Swole and Flexy Mean? 

 Swole is a term originally used by bodybuilders to describe the natural pump they get from training a specific muscle group. Recently people starting adding the word flexy to this popular fitness hashtag to differentiate those meathead weight lifters from those that have muscle but are also agile and flexible.

Crossfit Gloves You'll Love

Check out GymPaws Original Leather Lifting Grips, you won't be disappointed!
If you want to learn more about the meaning of swole and flexy as well as other fitness hashtags we got you covered there too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fitness Gift Ideas GymPaws Gym Gloves

Fitness Gift Ideas and Gift Ideas for Someone Who Works Out

GymPaws Gym Gloves aren't just a Black Friday fitness sale deal, they're one of the best fitness and exercise gift ideas all year round!

Made from 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather, they will be the most durable lifting grips, Crossfit Gloves, or Workout Gloves money can buy! even rated them #1 Best Men's Workout Glove for 2015. Whether you use them for Crossfit Pull Ups, Weight training, or anything else in the gym, they're definitely a gift your workout buddy will appreciate for years to come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Search Top Fitness Hashtags

So obviously you love to sweat and build muscle with your Crossfit WOD's doing things like Crossfit Knees To Elbows and Kipping Pull ups.  Hopefully you're wearing a good pair of crossfit gloves when you do so!  But what about when you're on social media and you see all those fitness hastags? Ever wonder what they mean?  Search Top Fitness Hashtags right here in our list of trending fitness hashtags.

GymPaws Crossfit Gloves are the Best Gym Gloves You'll Find!  
Leather Palm protects against calluses and eases hand fatigue. 
4 Finger Loops and Neoprene Backing means that these lifting grips will actually fit like a glove... which is important when you're doing a good crossfit HIIT workout. 

Search Top Fitness Hashtags right here on the official GymPaws® Blog and check out our gloves while you're there!