Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Does Swolemate Mean | Hot Crossfit Guys | Hot Crossfit Girls

Whether you're an avid fan of Crossfit, like weightlifting, or you're a cardio junkie, you can appreciate the benefits of having a Swolemate!

Swolemate is a slang word that refers to a workout buddy or gym partner.  It comes from the world of bodybuilding actually.  When working a specific muscle group you've probably noticed the pump you get.  This is cause from blood and fluids being transferred into the muscle cells due to the increase in demand on the muscle group.  Bodybuilders call this pump "swole."  Therefore your swolemate is that workout or gym buddy that you sweat it out with. 

Now when it comes to a Crossfit Workout or WOD things are a bit different.  In a Crossfit box you rarely have workout partners.  You're sweating it out on your own.  By the way, having a decent pair of Crossfit gloves is imperative to getting in a good workout.  Check out GymPaws Gym Gloves.... thousands of customers worldwide swear by them as their new Crossfit Gloves!  

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