Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Search Top Fitness Hashtags

So obviously you love to sweat and build muscle with your Crossfit WOD's doing things like Crossfit Knees To Elbows and Kipping Pull ups.  Hopefully you're wearing a good pair of crossfit gloves when you do so!  But what about when you're on social media and you see all those fitness hastags? Ever wonder what they mean?  Search Top Fitness Hashtags right here in our list of trending fitness hashtags.

GymPaws Crossfit Gloves are the Best Gym Gloves You'll Find!  
Leather Palm protects against calluses and eases hand fatigue. 
4 Finger Loops and Neoprene Backing means that these lifting grips will actually fit like a glove... which is important when you're doing a good crossfit HIIT workout. 

Search Top Fitness Hashtags right here on the official GymPaws® Blog and check out our gloves while you're there! 

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