Thursday, October 1, 2015

Washable Gym Gloves - Don't Sweat It!

A common question my personal training clients will ask me is how to wash lifting gloves.  It's not the worst question, although most of us may never think about it.  Ideally the best situation is to have a pair of washable gym gloves or crossfit gloves like those made by GymPaws®.

All GymPaws Gym Gloves (crossfit gloves, workout gloves) are made with Italian Leather that has been tanned using a vegetable oil process.  This not only leaves the leather soft and supple, but it's virtually moisture proof.

If you're a fan of Crossfit workouts then you know how much you sweat during a typical WOD! All that sweat and grime is being absorbed by your crossfit gloves!

If you're in the weight room, think of how many sweaty people have picked up those dumbbells! Now think of how many people you've seen wiping off the weights after they use them... NONE! All that grossness is being picked up by your gym gloves!

Even though it's safe to put GymPaws washable gym gloves into the wash machine and dryer, the easiest thing is to just suds them up under the faucet and leave them to air dry.

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