Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thrust You Must! ♠ The Best Crossfit Gloves Aren't Even Gloves!

Yeah yeah yeah, you're looking for the best crossfit gloves... for what?  Do you think that crossfit hand protection is going to somehow make you bust out a few more Kipping Pull Ups or execute a Clean and Press flawlessly?  Likely not.

Just as a pair of Crossfit Gloves won't make you any better at Crossfit, doing the best abs exercises for days won't get your those adonis abs you're after.  Without proper form, ANY exercise you do, whether it's in the Crossfit Box or at they gym, won't do you much good.

Here's an example of the Leg Lift With Hip Thrust Exercise... think you're doing it correctely?

Having said all that, there is definitely a benefit to using gloves for crossfit or gloves for pull ups even. GymPaws® Lifting Grips have been rated the best for both purposes actually!

They're simply the best lifting grips all around because they're 100% Real Leather and they have 4 Finger Loops!  Use them for Crossfit, Weight Lifting, Weight Training or for anything else where you want to Lift. Better.™

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