Friday, January 30, 2015

21's For Biceps ♠ Killer Biceps Workout | These Could Be Your New Crossfit Gloves

GymPaws® Fans rate the GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips as their favorite Crossfit Gloves, Workout Gloves and Gym Gloves!  See what all the hype is about!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What Are The Best Mens Weight lifting Gloves?

What Are The Best Mens Weight lifting Gloves?

You've already read all the reviews and blog posts, it's not a secret that GymPaws® are the newgrip to be reckoned with! For years fans have called GymPaws Leather Grips "the best crossfit gloves" or the "best gloves for pull ups," but that's only because those may be the specific exercises they're using them for.

When it comes down to a gym glove that you're going to use 4-5 times a week for some of the hardest physical labor you'll ever do, you really need to think about what you're going to buy!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Training For Pull Ups 101 ♠ Lats and Serratus

Do you need weight lifting gloves for Pull Ups? What about gloves for Crossfit workouts? The first exercise video in our series Pull Ups 101 will take your through the basics for mastering the Pull Up!

Popular in Crossfit boxes all over the world, the pull up has many variations.  They're all great... BUT they all begin with the basics!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thrust You Must! ♠ The Best Crossfit Gloves Aren't Even Gloves!

Yeah yeah yeah, you're looking for the best crossfit gloves... for what?  Do you think that crossfit hand protection is going to somehow make you bust out a few more Kipping Pull Ups or execute a Clean and Press flawlessly?  Likely not.

Just as a pair of Crossfit Gloves won't make you any better at Crossfit, doing the best abs exercises for days won't get your those adonis abs you're after.  Without proper form, ANY exercise you do, whether it's in the Crossfit Box or at they gym, won't do you much good.

Here's an example of the Leg Lift With Hip Thrust Exercise... think you're doing it correctely?

Having said all that, there is definitely a benefit to using gloves for crossfit or gloves for pull ups even. GymPaws® Lifting Grips have been rated the best for both purposes actually!

They're simply the best lifting grips all around because they're 100% Real Leather and they have 4 Finger Loops!  Use them for Crossfit, Weight Lifting, Weight Training or for anything else where you want to Lift. Better.™

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Get A Quick Bicep Blast | Biceps Superset

This Biceps Superset of Zottman Curls and a Supinated Row will give you a quick pump or an awesome burn at the end of your biceps workout.

Want a real challenge?  After you finish your Crossfit #wod try this lil workout and you're arms will be screaming for a rest!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bodyweight Skull Crusher w/ Smith Machine | GymPaws® Gym Gloves

We all know the benefits of weightlifting... more lean mass and less body fat.  You don't have to be tossing weights around the weight room all day however to reap the rewards of Bodyweight Training.

The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) has released their annual worldwide survey of Top Fitness Trends for 2015 and Bodyweight Training is #1!

The Bodyweight Skull Crusher is a great example of a bodyweight exercise that will tear up those Triceps in no time!  Watch the video and read more tips here:

While millions of you love them as Crossfit Gloves, your GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips can be used anywhere in and out of the gym!

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Hot Crossfit Girls - Crossfit Gloves or Not!

Girls that workout are hot, there's no denying that.  I think the reason that guys are so infatuated with Crossfit Girls isn't because they look any different than other girls that workout at the gym, but because they're in such close proximity to them in the crossfit box!

These chicks are smoking hot...  whether they've done a kipping pull up or worn a pair of crossfit gloves in their entire life!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Crossfit Gloves 2015 - GymPaws Gym Gloves

In 2013 and 2014 Crossfit workouts were all the rage.  If you're looking to build muscle or shed fat one of the best workouts you can do is HIIT (high intensity interval training) which is what a Crossfit workout is.  What most people don't realize is that there's really nothing new about a gut busting bootcamp workout, it's been around forever.

Take the Kipping Pull Up or the Muscle Up as an example.  Millions of people worldwide likely first learned these terms and exercises in their local crossfit box, but they're actually both an exercise that was developed in the world of gymnastics.  "Kipping" is a standard term to gymnasts and it just refers to the momentum used to complete the full ROM (range of motion) when performing an exercise. 

Millions of diehard gymrats have also started looking for the Best Crossfit Gloves.  Again... there really isn't such a thing.  Considering the workout itself borrows it's exercises from other genres... so too does it's apparel. 

Best Crossfit Gloves 2015
GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips.  

1. Four finger loops keep these lifting grips in place.  Unlike the spongy big back grips that are out there, these actually stay put on your hands!  You can easily transition from one exercise to the next without worrying about your hand protection falling. 

2. Leather is Better!  99% of all Gym Gloves are made from Leather for a reason... it is the most durable material for the excess use that gym gloves endure.  Think of a pair of gym shoes... how long do you think they would last if they were made of Nylon or Spandex?  Not very long. 

3. The compact design of GymPaws® Lifting Grips means that they won't get in the way of your workout.  Some full gloves (or half finger gloves) are restrictive and inhibit movement.  Not to mention that they absorb sweat and get nasty smelling!

Need a visual?  Check out this Crossfit Gloves Review Video showing GymPaws® and the Muscle Up Exercise:

GymPaws® are sold ONLY by GymPaws Inc located in sunny Venice Beach (Muscle Beach) California!

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GymPaws Lifting Grips

Gym Glove Reviews - Do You Really Need Them?

I just participated in an interesting discussion on Reddit that asked “are gym gloves for pu$$ies?”  Not only was that one of the most moronic questions in the bodybuilding forum, but it also showed the general ignorance of some of those guys that by looking at them, you’d assume were experts. 

Gym Gloves Review

I’m not going to talk about what the best gym gloves are.  After all this is the GymPaws blog, so you already know that answer.  What I’m going to talk about is why you should use gym gloves and what some of the misconceptions are about them.  Just because someone looks like a fitness magazine cover model or has a Personal Trainer certification, does NOT mean that they know everything about everything.  When it comes to building muscle and weight lifting, you need to read and learn, and draw your own conclusions.  There are of course FACTS that are not opinions, and here are some related to the topic.

Continue Reading here.

Weighted Shallow Crunch ♠ Adonis Belt Workout

Roses are red, violets are blue. I know what "Adonis Belt Abs" are, the question know is do you?

Watch this Exercise Video Demo on how to do the Weighted Shallow Crunch for Abs and you'll be on your way to some sexy Adonis Abs in 2015!

From the #1 Best Selling Crossfit Gloves and Gym Gloves - GymPaws! 

Los Angeles Personal Trainer - Edgar Franco

Los Angeles Personal Trainer - Edgar Franco

Face Pulls For Upper Back | Exercise Video Demo

Face Pulls For Upper Back  Watch the exercise video demo from Gympaws Gym Gloves Fitness Blog!

Leg Extension Exercise Video Demo - GymPaws Gym Gloves

Did you know that the GymPaws Gym Gloves have been voted the best crossfit gloves by crossfitters!?  Why?  Because no other crossfit gloves are made from real leather with four finger loops and are machine wash and dry!

The Best Crossfit Gloves now has the best Fitness Blog!

Check out this Exercise Video Demo on how to do the basic Leg Extension Exercise!